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(vegan) These buggers took A LOT of trial and error. We wanted them to be different than the products we were finding and I can say with confidence that our hair conditioner bars have been wowing our customers. Some solid bar choices leave your hair weighed down, drag along in the hair when applying and feeling heavy or oily. Not ours! They are very smooth going on and leave your hair silky soft. They as work amazingly well as detangler (especially on kiddos!) and we have customers who use them for shaving, in-shower body moisturizer and hand lotion as well. Very versitile! A little goes a long way.

Now offering a travel bar in a reusable tin.

Moisturizing & Detangling Hair Conditioner Bars

SKU: 0010
  • Conditioner bars are made with the following ingredients:  coconut oil, avocado oil, BTMS emulsifier (from rapeseed), cetyl alcohol binder (from coconut oil), camellia oil, scent.

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