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This is a great way to try our alternative hair and skincare products at a boxed set price. Each boxed set comes with a solid shampoo bar, solid hair conditioner bar, body shaving bar and lotion bar tin. Excellent zero waste, no mess choices for travel, camping and backpacking. Scent choices are the most popular from our shampoo bar line: Rosemary/Spearmint, Lavender/Lemongrass or if you'd rather, no scent added "Natural" there is NOT an unscented option for shave bars, but they are very lightly scented. You’re welcome to replace the above scents from our others available, just send a message with your order.

None of our products contain parabens, phthalates, sulfate, SLS, preservatives or lathering agents.

Ditch the Junk Set

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