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Do you need a gift for a family member, co-worker or friend? Maybe you know someone who could use a little cheer. We can ship a gift directly to the recipient, either anonymously or with a hand-written and personalized note from you.

Choices really are endless and we can make them any size and with any combination of our products.

>The Self-Care Set is one of the most popular. It includes one of each of the following, soap bar, shower steamer, bath bomb and roller oil. You can select your scent choices by sending a message with your order. Would you rather have two soaps, maybe two shower steamers, or a handmade cotton washcloth? Just send a message and we can get you started!

>Cherry Wood Tray Set/4 bars, send a message with your scent choices. If not specified you will receive the Butte America series. Mining City, Montana, Copper City Sunrise and Copper City Sunset.

>Cherry Wood Tray Set/8 HALF bars with plant fiber soap sack. This set will come with both seasonal and best seller scents, depending on stock on hand.


We provide corporate gifting! Message for details and please keep in mind to allow 6 weeks for processing.

Gift Sets

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