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The Care & Use of Your Bar Soap

Some helpful tips to get the most our of your bar.

Getting use to exclusively using bar soap for your beautiful skin can take some time. We aren't accustomed to it anymore, even though that's all our great-grandparents used. (or great-great ;0) ) Liquid soap is a relatively new product to folks in the grand scheme of life. Using a solid shampoo, conditioner or lotion bar might take a little time and effort to get into a healthy habit of using.

For the sake of your handmade soap! Keep it out of a puddle! When not in use of course, keep your bar as dry as possible-on a raised tray with holes or grooves for drainage is best. If you are traveling it is best to dry out the bar before storing in a plastic container. I put mine into a soap sack, which dries and stores at the same time. (Soap dishes and bags can be found in our soap accessories area of the website.) Save the slivers! They are the very best for travel, hiking or camping.

Shampoo Bar Use- After you've wet your hair, you can lather between your hands or apply by rubbing directly where you want to use it. Lather and then repeat if you'd like. My own habit is to rub the dry bar in my wet hair and I wash twice, every 2 or 3 days. Store away from water on a draining tray and it will last twice as long. Allow to air dry before storing inside a travel case whenever possible. We do not use preservatives, if your bar is in a puddle of water it will sadly turn to mush. Our shampoo bars make great body soap as well, making them perfect for travel. Hiking, camping, bring it to the bar does the whole job.

Conditioner- Your hair is already wet (and the drier you keep the conditioner even while using, the longer this bar will last), apply directly as you would shampoo or rub in your hands and run them through your hair. Rinse well! My own habit is to use conditioner every other wash or so and I rub it into my hands to run through my hair. If your hair is long, you may want to try combing through to detangle before rinsing out the conditioner. A little goes a very long way! If you find that your hair is oily after use, you may not be rinsing well enough, or you may want to try using less.

Pro-Tip: The conditioner bars are also excellent for shaving and out of the shower I use as a lotion bar applying to my hands, elbows and feet.

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