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We make all of our products with pure ingredients, in small batches. There are no harsh  preservatives added to anything. Most are naturally colored and scented with essential oils. (Product availability may vary.) To purchase go to ,send an email to, or call (406)498-7205 with your order :0)


  • Orange Honey & Oat* $6 – Moisturizing, exfoliating
  • Pine Tar* $6 – Helps Psoriasis, Dandruff, Boils, Acne
  • Men’s ALL Clean* $6
  • Happy Hippie* $6
  • Crisp Apple* $6
  • Rose Petal* $6
  • Rosemary Mint* $6
  • Vanilla Baby Bar* $6 – Olive & Castile Oils make up this gentle bar
  • Creamy Castile $6 – Helps soothe dry skin, acne and eczema, unscented
  • Vanilla Honey Goat’s Milk $6
  • Peaches n Cream Goat’s Milk $6
  • Cinnamon Spiced Latte $6
  • Fisherman’s (Anise) Soap $6
  • Men’s Shave Disc $6 – Moisturizing
  • Good ‘Ole Soap $5 – Unscented
  • Lavender** $5
  • Grapefruit Patchouli** $5
  • Rosemary Mint** $5
  • Lemongrass** $5
  • Citrus** $5

*Shampoo and Body Bar    ** Ladies Shaving & Body Bar


  • Whipped Body Oil, Soft Vanilla, Dreamcicle, Lavender or Natural (no added scent) $8
  • Raw Sugar Body Scrub, Vanilla, Dreamcicle, Lavender $10
  • Lip Balm, ChocoMint, Citrus Mint, Cream Soda, Cherry $4
  • Lotion Bars, Peppermint, Juicy Orange, Apple Orchard, Rosemary Lavender, Lemongrass and Natural. 3 sizes $4 tin, $7 tin, $12(this size in Peppermint stick only)
  • *New products!
  • Skeeter Stick All-Natural Insect Repallent $12, stick only
  • Sun Guard with zinc oxide sunscreen 30+SPF $15
  • Bath Bombs Lavender, Citrus, Apple and Love Letters $3 or 2/$5


Montana Home Sprout

                                       handmade & homegrown

Kimberley Brown

PO Box 59

Ramsay, MT. 59748


You can also find us on Facebook & Etsy


Spiced Pumpkin Soap

Just in time for autumn, this spicy and fragrant bar with pumpkin purée is rich with antioxidants and vitamins A and C. Cinnamon, ginger and clove, as well as ground nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice add warm, cozy scents. Great for our skin and nice for your nose. $6 available soon on Etsy. Visit and like our Facebook page!

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Hydroxide (for saponification), MHS oil blend, essential oils, ground spices, Shea butter.


Everyday Sun Guard 25+SPF


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New item from Montana Home Sprout! This is a wonderfully creamy sunscreen that is perfect for everyday use. Made with zinc oxide, coconut and almond oils, shea butter, vitamin E and bees wax. Unscented 8 ounce jar $15 To order go to, email or call (406) 498-7205. We are also at the Butte Farmer’s Market throughout the summer, Saturdays 8:30-1.

David in Missoula

Reviews he has heard from others…
“Best soap I´ve ever used!”
“Amazing deodorizing properties – and no synthetic anything!”
“After a day on the farm, all the dirt came right off with your pine tar soap!”
“Every time I shower it´s like taking a trip up into the pine groves…lovely!”
“I can´t believe I didn´t find this soap sooner!”
“My new favorite body care product!”

 Greetings – it´s me, David S. from Missoula! We spoke at your tent at the Made Fair back in June – and since then I have been ecstatically using my bar of pine tar soap from Montana Home Sprout. Over the last few months, I have been working to phase out all synthetic chemicals and fragrances from my life, especially with regard to body care. But I still wanted a soap that takes the dirt right off after a long day of gardening or bike riding – and one that leaves me smelling great afterwards. Your pine tar soap is officially the greatest! I cannot recommend it highly enough to friends and family – and next time around will be buying it by the crate load! 

Thanks so much, and absolutely love your soaps!! (And the future recipients of the gift soap bars I bought from y´all thank you too!)

Marjorie, Rose Petal Shampoo & Body

Here is my most recent creation. This soap has a very delicate, rose petal scent. It makes me think of my grandmother and so, I have named it Marjorie. It lathers very well and is a shampoo and body bar. $6

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Hydroxide (for saponification), MHS Oil Blend, Fragrance, Rose Petals and Mica Colorant

Crisp Apple Shampoo & Body Bar

Apple Shampoo & Body

A brand new soap has come out of it’s molds! This refreshing bar is the same scent of the Apple Orchard Lotion Bar you may already know and love =) Great lathering bar that is moisturizing and great for both hair and body. Large, 5 ounce bar $6.

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Hydroxide (for saponification), MHS Oil Blend, Green Mica and Fragrance.

Whipped Body Oil

Coconut oil is a great thing! In this body oil it provides a barrier of protection for just shaved skin. In the jar, it is a solid, but since it’s natural melting point is 76 degrees it melts as soon as it hits your skin. Paired with almond oil and just a hint of either vanilla or lavender oil, it’s the perfect thing right out of the bath to soothe and protect from dryness. 8 ounce jar $6 Vanilla, Lavender or Natural (no added scent).

Raw Sugar Body Scrub

Raw Sugar Scrub

A great body scrub using all natural ingredients. Raw sugar works as a great exfoliant, while Montana honey and coconut oil provide skin protection and conditioning. For use before shaving, for dry elbows and heels or all over body exfoliation. Not for use on the face. 8 ounce jar $8, Vanilla, Dreamcicle or Lavender.

Pine Tar Soap

Pine Tar Soap

Pine Tar is an amazing treatment for many skin irritations. From psoriasis and eczema to acne, dandruff and rashes, this soap can help treat them all. We use 11 % pine tar in our soap, which seems to be a great combination. 4 1/2 ounce bar $5.

Water, Sodium Hydroxide (for saponification), MHS Oil Blend, Essential Oil and Pure Pine Tar